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Skin Care 101: The Moisturizing Queen

Hey Divas,

Yes, from the title I believe I am the Queen of Moisturizing. I believe this because this will break or make your whole skin care routine. Why want flawless makeup applications but don't take care of your skin??? Ashy, crusty skin is not the new trend. That is actually played out. I mean if your related to Mr. Brown than by all means. Get your ash on! The rest of us that is not so privileged need not be seen like that ever. 

Moisture helps to lock in the work you have done thus far. There are a few ways that you will accomplish this. Either by liquid, cream, or oil. I like to mix two of these different kinds everyday. Mixing gives you maximum results. Make sure that you apply this step both in the AM and PM. Below I will show you my Top 5 and when I use them:

Caudalie --> Vinoperfect Radiance Serum $79 (AM/PM) Here is a serum but acts like a liquid. In the day I apply this under my sunscreen for a radiant effect! For the evening, this is a perfect way to get your moisture without a tedious routine. Just cleanse, skip the toner, and apply this serum. Right away add a cream based moisturizer and you're done. It dries fairly quickly. I like pairing this with Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet $39. This duo is magic! I like traveling with this on too. Effortless to get ready for the airport yet your skin looks like you just left the spa. Great for not looking jet lagged! 

Sunday Riley --> Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream $65 (PM) This cream does what it claims to do. Gives you optimum hydration yet aids in brightening those dark spots. A little goes a Long Way. I will use this after my toner but before my facial oil. Also, make sure this dries almost all the way before adding your oil to seal. Combine with any of the facial oils from Sunday Riley and you can't go wrong. My faves are the Luna Sleeping Night Oil $105 and U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil $80. 

Drunk Elephant --> Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil $72 (PM) Holy grail product right here!!! I truly believe that everyone should have this in their rotation. This oil is perfect for everyone. The ones who praise anti-aging are already ahead of the game. The ones who are just starting out and small. The ones who are veterans and want to up their ante, sort of speak. Seriously this Oil does it all!!! Simply cleanse, tone, then oil. It truly can stand on its own with no worries. Great for traveling m as well. 

Mario Badescu --> Seaweed Night Cream $22 (PM) The texture of this is weird. It's creamy but not really a lotion. Nor is it a gel or sticky. Start small and warm with fingertips prior to applying. Don't be alarmed by the green color. Besides all these disclosures. This stuff is on point. When you done rubbing this on. You are going to think it isn't doing anything special. Asking me why I even recommended this to you. JUST wait til the morning.Your skin will feel like a baby's bottom. Plus it gives you a sun-kissed look. Your skin will feel hydrated like you had a water drip all night long. Totally worth it in my book.

Charlotte Tillbury --> Magic Cream Treat & Transform Moisturizer $100 I know. I know. You are probably looking at this post like this girl is Crazzyyyy. Thinking I'm going to spend all my coins on one product. My face can be ashy and crusty. Okay, but this cream is a miracle worker. Yes, it's anti-aging. Yes, everyone and their mama talks about it on YouTube. Yes, it's Sold at Nordstrom. You will look divine even on those rough mornings. This product can make you look awake even when you are not yet. It's my go-to on my extremely busy work weeks, my morning rescue from late night party session with friends, and a pick me up when my skin needs an extra boost due bad weather. 

Again everything comes with trial and error. Period. Even if you don't achieve the same results off the bat as I. Do keep trying the products for a few weeks. Give your skin the love it needs. Sometimes we have to let the products do its thing. In its own timing. Every night I ALWAYS follow my routine with a lip balm (EOS or Jack Black). Your lips needs love too! For my extra ladies, I like to rub on extra lotion on my feet and put on my socks. You the know the ones. They are Uber soft and smooth. I do this about twice a week. 

Saturation & Getting It 2Getha! 

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