Friday, May 5

Skin Care 101: Masking It Up

Hey Divas,

This is truly my favorite part of my skin regimen. I guess because it is tranquil. A little quiet moment while I relax and let the magic work. This step is crucial because it helps refresh the skin and aids in exfoliating to rejuvenate new skin cells. Kind of like how a snake sheds its skin. Having healthy new cells is what gives you that glow from within everyone dreams about. 

Just like your cleanser. All masks are not the same. Each mask has its own benefits. Which is an excellent way of customizing your at-home spa experience! In turn, maximizes the outcome of your results. Below I will list some masks for different parts of your face matching different concerns you would like to be taken care of. 

Pores, White heads, and Blackheads.  Poor exfoliation methods can result in pores seeming larger than they actually are. Microdermabrasion is a great way to assist in cleansing and minimizing pores. Here I have a scrub and mask in one. It's natural and moisturizes, as well as, gently getting rid of dead skin cells and reviving the skin. Plus, it brightens your complexion and prevents premature aging.

Acne prone skin. To erase these clogged pores containing oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. You want to be gentle yet avoid overdoing it. Letting your whole face dry out is not the way to go. Just treat the problematic areas only. When it comes to acne, the key is all about balance. Making you sure you work from within and out. Fun fact: Try staying away from plastics that leach chemicals into food, which in turn, contains more estrogen. Xenoestrogens is a chemical that mimics estrogen.

Hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, and acne scars. Having a face that looks like a human cheetah is not cute. We all want to look flawless without makeup too. In order to do so, we need to brighten the areas to give an even toned surface. All while protecting it from the harmful sun rays. Over sun exposure untreated with proper sunscreen applications can basically make your whole regimen obsolete. Sunscreen is not a myth. So please please make sure you always apply and keep reapplying after the time has lapsed. (Hint: The mist below is a great way to apply sunscreen without disrupting your makeup.)

Lips. Yes, I said it your LIPS. I am always amazed how you would go to lengths for your face, but exclude the part that you accentuate the most. Fun fact: Did you know that your lips are the dirtiest part on your body??? Think about it...I'll wait. Sometimes scrubs and balms are just not enough. I don't about you but I don't need t be below zero outside for my lips to get dry. This mask not only moisturizes but also firms my pout! Do I need to say more. I like to layer my benefits. By using a scrub the day before. Afterwards, the next evening I'll do a face and lip mask at the same time. Knocks two birds with one stone!

Listed above is some really great information. With knowledge comes understanding. Start small with once a week and start climbing your way up. I wouldn't do more than 3x a week. Try overcoming one issue at a time. Patience is key. I might have put a little pep in ya step. I mean, what are friends for???

I'm all here for the shoulder crying about your skin issues and makeup cover ups. What I really believe in is Education. I am trying to reel you in slowly. That way you stay woke. How this world is built nowadays. You have got to do your own due diligence. It's pad and pencil time. Remember I'm here for you every step of the way. 

Learning & Getting It 2Getha! 

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