Thursday, May 19

Skin Care 101: Love Your Skin More Daily

Hey Divas,

I hope that all is well with you and your family. I am truly thankful to have my family in a more peaceful and happy time. That being said, what makes me happy is the power that makeup has. When a woman or man is feeling low, down or whatever. You turn to a vice. Thank God mine is one that helps me regain that confidence that I had lost. I am back and ready to be your guide. Let's just jump right in!

Treating your skin like a queen is no different than your hair. In order to, have your makeup look as beat and flawless as you all desire. You gotta look at your skin in another direction. You can't be about one and not the other. A skin regimen is essential in your day-to-day routine of personal hygiene. Do you know that your lips are the dirtiest part on your body??? That is horrendous because it is on your face!!! I just don't get how you can wash your face but leave your lips. Just like a makeup wipe isn't enough to wash your face entirely clear of makeup. Neither is it for lipstick. 

My Skin Regimen is a bit extra. As always, you can take any part of it as you feel that caters to your lifestyle. Keep in mind that the structure is accurate though. I will not get into specifics of products in this post. Later, it might seem like a lot of products on one face. The key here is that it works. My regimen and products differ from day to night. This is just an overview of the process. 

Cleansers are important because you need to get rid of dirt and pollutants prior to adding all the vitamins back in. Otherwise, the other steps are useless. You don't want to cause more problems for your face. I like natural or organic friendly products. I use a few different methods to take my face off. From wipes to cleansers and even oils. The reasoning is to ensure all of the layers you added are gone. It took awhile and work to put it on. So it will take the same to thoroughly undo as well.
The next step is to make my face feel, look smooth and be soft. Removing any texture that will create ripples on your skin. Yes ripples. Ripples in a quick definition are acne, skin irritation bumps, allergic reactions, etc. For that you can use masks, or scrubs to tackle it. I use both. I want to keep my skin looking more youthful and free of radicals. Remember it is never too early to start using anti-aging items. I have been incorporating anti-aging items in my regimen since the summer before college. You have to take care of what you got. To ensure that it is being preserved for years and years to come. Plus, the better skin you have the less foundation and concealer that will need to be applied. Unless a cake face is your Look. Then by all means don't let me Stop ya! 

Next steps are toning, moisturizing and preventing. I like to add my toner after masks. Then you can replenish the skin with moisture. Here you add your serums, creams, lotions or tricks that keep your skin tight and bright. You have to listen to your skin and let it tell you what it needs. Especially, when you are on your cycle. You might see it reacting a bit stranger than usual. It can be a bit drier, or have more friends want to join the party than normal. Seasons aren't the only thing that can switch up your routine. Medicines can too. Even chemical changes. Like using a different brand of birth control pills. Take all of this into consideration. Pay ATTENTION To Your SKIN! I cannot stress that enough.

Make this part of the day like a mini spa time. Pampering is not only for spa days. It starts at home first. What you do for your hair you will do for your body. This is a whole package people. It has pores and can get acne just like your face. You have to be mindful of these things. Having a beat face will be easier if you prep it first. Having luxurious hair comes from a strong commitment to a regime. Making your skin match your head is a no brainier. That means applying more methods in the shower. Not just rinse lather and repeat. 
Everybody wants to know the secret to staying and looking youthful. Not everyone is willing to put in the work. Nowadays, cosmetic lines make it very simple for you to make a regimen. The work is already done for you. Do your research on the type of brand you are comfortable with. Start shopping and keep it moving. 
Break out your pads and pens. You are entering
my Beauty Skin Care Class 101 in the next few post. It might seem like a lot of steps or work. As you begin and stay consistent, you will get more in tuned with the process. Yes, your showers will be longer. Yes, your toiletry bill will be higher. Yes, you will benefit from better and healthier skin. You will be the star on your tree this year no worries!!! 

Getting It 2Getha, One Step At A Time!!! 

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