Thursday, January 22

When It All Fails, Just Remember What Worked

Hey Babes,

I like to read what's going on out there in our Natural Hair Community pretty much every chance I get. What I have been noticing is how much emphasis is put on goals and a steady regimen. All of these keys are great to have and to focus on. Today, I just want to go on record saying that it is okay for you to fall off track. Soooo many times do I read or hear that women are so hard on themselves about not being consistent. Life is all about progression and lessons. The key I want you to understand is, that not having all the answers, is the best part of your journey! There have been plenty of times that I failed and had to start over. You just can't give up. Keep in mind that YOU are the one has to walk around looking a hot mess if it doesn't work out. Hahaha!

I had my share of lazy, too busy, impatient, and forgetful days. Think about what motivates you. Whether it is your goals that you set for your journey. Or if it is an icon that you want to be able to live in their footsteps day in and day out. Regimens are about knowing when to stop following others and making plans of your own. You are the only one in that head everyday. Always keep yourself included at ALL times. Learn to LISTEN to your hair. Don't get me started on products and being a product junkie. It comes with the territory but be humble about it. For example, if there is a shampoo or conditioner that you have used countless of times. Every single time it has made your hair dry as a Brillo pad or shown no improvement at all. Then guess what honey it is time to donate it. I give products away all the time! I am sure that there is some sista out there that would be very grateful for a FREE product!!! Next time, you watch a YouTube video or commercial about a new IT your RESEARCH first!!! 

I am not saying to just empty your whole stash and then go shopping for nothing. I'm not a believer of wasting money. Don't believe me ask SOMEBODY. If you don't know what works for you. Then it is time to begin with the basics. I am all about simplicity. I mapped out a monthly regimen: 

A Simple Regimen for Me

Week 1: First, I wash with sulfate-free shampoo. Second, I Deep Condition with something that is extremely moisturizing. Third, follow it with your conditioner of choice. Then, apply your leave-in, oils, and/or moisturizer. Style as you normally would. 

Week 2: I cowash and follow with a Protein Treatment. After, just rinse and condition twice. The rest is the same apply your products and style. 

Week 3: I simply copy the previous week but with a Moisturizing Treatment. (Or a good way to concoct one is to use a failed moisturizing conditioner and add some oils and honey to it. Voila a homemade DC is born!)  

Week 4: First, I shampoo and follow with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. Second, I go in with A LOT of Conditioner twice. The second time add honey to your conditioner with a few drops of Peppermint oil. (Deep Condition with this use steamer and/or sit under a dryer if at all possible!) Rinse, moisturize and seal as usual. Style away baby.

There you have it babes! It might seem like a lot but it really isn't. What I did was see what everyone raves about and why. Plus, I noticed what worked for me! There are certain practices "we" do in the Hair Community, whether you are natural or relaxed that works and is NEEDED. The concept here is to know when and why to do a technique. NOT just because you saw a video and her hair was on POINT afterwards!!! That may be a valid reason but clearly she is doing it for a REASON. I left out a few other rituals that I do because I do what needs to be done at that moment in time. Again, the key is about listening to your HAIR. I will do another post on my little secrets to get rid of some pesty hair no-nos. 

Just be patient and know that I am here if you need me. It is all gonna work out honey. Have faith and fun with your tresses! Remember you gotta love em cuz nobody ELSE WILL for ya!!! Give her some love and just start small. Work yourself up to where you want and feel comfortable being. As long as, your hair loves it. Then it can't be wrong!!!

P.S. If you would like to know what my staple products are then let me know below. 

Cheers to Getting' It 2Getha

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