Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year!!!


Hello Divas, 

This is the Year of New Beginnings! 2014 has given me a lot of AHaaaaaa moments. I know that from the first one, I should of started the repairing process. If you are anything like me, then maybe you want to be 1 million percent sure before you make a move. Well honey I don't care how long it takes for you to grab your shoes and GO. As long as, you know when to GO and just GO. If I've learned only one thing in 2014 it's that. I love people like Wendy Williams and Judge Lynn Toler. These women are not only African American but they try to teach men and women valuable life lessons. Like about righting your wrongs and protecting yourself for when/if it returns back. Knowing your worth is the biggest lesson you can ever learn.

I don't believe in New Year Resolutions. Everybody makes lists and before the first week is over everything goes downhill. What I have done and has actually worked, is making a vow with yourself from within. Now you have to do this wholeheartedly and be honest with yourself. Don't make big extra vows that you need a personal village of genies to complete. Just be realistic and start small. Once those are accomplished then target something a little harder.

I want 2015 to be about my successes. I want to succeed in loving myself like never before. Sometimes in life you put yourself to the side due to hard times. Well loves out there, I am making this vow today that I won't let anything get in between: Me, Myself, I & Her. In 2015, is the first steps in succeeding in every true form of happiness. I will be devoted to making all my dreams come true with Jesus by my side, of course! I will be doing all the things I've been slacking on. I will also vow to get healthier this new year inside and out! Remembering my worth and reclaiming it out to the world!

This year should be a year for you to also get the love you've been yearning for. This doesn't have to be a lover. Just plain old-fashioned love of everything. I believe that this is a new beginning for me. Kind of like a push for a new start. I will be trying out new things that I've been neglecting to try out in the past. I want to be able to actually start breathing again. I know that you are probably like WHATTTTT??? Yes darling, breathing again! Breathing is when your body truly feels free. No restrictions from anything. No one or nothing bringing you unnecessary pain and heartache. Or doing things in life that isn't in your path to set. Moving backwards is the start of being unable to breathe.

Make a vow to yourselves to push to the limits that has been holding you back. Push out the negative energy. That's the only way to embrace the positive waves of joy. That's been waiting for you to discover it! Set that craving free. Let this year transform you for the better. Start from within to shine out. Knowing that you are being true to Him and giving Him all the Praise. Give Him all of YOU and He will give EVERYTHING else!!! Yes God! Hallelujah.

Join me in always Getting It 2Getha loves!!! 2015 Through Grace and With Grace this will be the Year of Abundance and Deliverance!!! I love you, be safe out there and Happy New Year!!! 💥❤️🎉🍸

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