Sunday, May 11

What ever happened to wearing natural looking eyebrows?

Hey fam, 

I've been looking around and watching how trends take up really quickly everywhere. I love how women can be so bold or conservative with their looks everyday. I just have one critique. There is nothing wrong with the eyebrows that God gave you!!! Let me explain. 

I know that when you start your routine with the makeup applying process. It is easiest to get your brows out of the way. You start by grabbing that gel or pencil to get the shape you desire. Remember to keep your look fresh, clean, and simple. Giving your brows a little life with luminosity not exaggeration

I mean, expressing yourself and seeing how far your style can reach is important nowadays. Especially, when it comes to style, personality, and mood. Applying makeup is suppose to enhance the beauty that God has already blessed you with. Reinforcing your beauty doesn't not mean forgetting the person inside. NOT making people stare at you wondering, "Why didn't she just remove it and try again." Haha! I don't mean to sound harsh for the ones that don't know me yet. Truth should always come with a little laughter. 

I just want women to empower themselves in the right way. Embracing your personality is always my number one key to everyone. Knowing how to keep your flavor exclusive and appealing to the eye. Keyword in that was appealing. Getting that beat face that we all want is cool, but making yourself look like Grandpa Munster is not where it's at. Or even having the thinnest line like a thread. I have no problem getting my eyebrows threaded but completely removing them to total non existence is a NO NO. Just keeping it real.
Cheers to getting it 2getha!!!

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