Sunday, May 11

Happy Mother's Day!


Mother's Day is about celebrating the women in our lives that holds the dearest meaning on Earth. Sharing that time with them to show them how much they are appreciated. Mothers for so many people mean different things. One thing you should be able to count on, is that a mother a is a very powerful being.

In the bible, Mary is a hero. She is the strength that we can count on. She was so disciplined and obedient without even wanting anything for herself. She was the epitome of grace living before it existed. She always made sure her family was cared for and stayed by their side in tough times. She took care of her husband with the understanding and love beyond measure. Mary did this knowing that her life could have and would have been extremely different otherwise. All it took was for her to obey God and let the unknown be God's guide to her purpose. Today we cherish her decision because she indeed made it possible for our Savior. 

That's what Mother's Day is about making way to remember the decision that your mothers made for you. I am sure someone reading this is feeling sour. I am sure that life hasn't been all flowers and sunshine. At the end of the day, think about the person who brought you into this world. Think about the trials and tribulations that she had to endure for her decision. I personally look at that moment when I believe that my life is all stirred up without anywhere to breathe. Keep in mind, that she is the one who comes to the rescue in your aid. That mother you abandoned May not be perfect but she is the Only one you got. Not everyone out there has a mother figure. 

There are lonely people in this world trying to seek out that very love you take for granted. Whether their mom has passed away, in the military, or just unknown due to being adopted. A mothers love is not a remedy you can get prescribed by a doctor. A mothers love is not a wish a genie can grant. A mother love is the most precious gift to all. Seek God and he can be that mother for you. 

Hopefully, today for the skeptic or cold-hearted there is a breakthrough. Your chains has been broken to be able to forgive and make peace with the person that should be loved. Not just today but everyday. Go out there and make that woman happy! Show her unconditional love that she deserves. Buy her something that makes her know you really care. Or give the gift she really wants that money can't buy. 

I didn't mean to come out and make this a sermon, but I think it is time to make a change. The ripples in the water are consuming the minds of the young far too rapidly for me. Wanting to make a change starts with one. It is up to you to make your purpose graceful in harmony. Set your minds free and really entwine in the gift that is staring you in the face. Release all your hurt into the One who can truly heal you. Let God be your guide! 

Okay, I believe that it is time to come down from the pulpit! Lol Happy Mother's Day to all you gorgeous blessings out there and embrace what has made you so powerful. Keep the love going even though is it not wanted. At the end of the day, everything won't be forgotten.

Cheers to getting it 2getha!!!

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